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Carmen Garcia

Hi, my name is Carmen Garcia and I'm a fourth year double majoring in Latin American Studies and Spanish Literature/Culture. My spring semester of 2017 I had the amazing and unique opportunity of studying at the University of Havana in Havana, Cuba with Spanish Studies Abroad. While in Cuba, I gained such a different perspective both politically and socially, and also fell hopelessly in love with this beautiful island. My classmates and professors were all Cubans rather than other American students (of which there were only seven others), so I was lucky enough to forge lasting relationships with many of my peers and faculty. Between my personal conversations and class research, I gained extensive knowledge on the Cuban revolution, special period, and US/Latin American relations and immigration; my immersion program allowed me to lives as a true Cuban for five months. Although at times I felt out of my comfort zone, it was such a rewarding experience and am happy to have returned to UVA a better student because of my time abroad!