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Jane Wilkinson

My name is Jane Wilkinson and I am fourth year double majoring in Global Security and Justice and German Studies. I spent January of 2015 in Berlin, Germany with UVA in Berlin, and spent Spring 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. For me, studying abroad was about gaining a competitive edge in the working world. My program actually had an internship component, and I was able to work with an international NGO that did advocacy at the UN Human Rights Council. I had my very own UN badge that gave me access to the Palace of Nations and other UN buildings in the area. Outside of professional advancement, I also had the chance to meet professionals and students from all different backgrounds. I interacted with students from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and other places that I have never been to. My study abroad experience not only gave me familiarity with Swiss culture, it gave me an understanding of cultures all around the world. I would not be nearly as prepared to take on a global job if I had decided to stay at UVA for the semester instead.