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Sarah Rupert

My name is Sarah Rupert and I’m a fourth year majoring in Foreign Affairs and French. I spent the Spring 2017 semester abroad in Rabat, Morocco on the “UVA in Morocco” program. I lived with a host family, which was an incredibly rewarding experience in terms of both what I learned about Moroccan culture as well as the relationships I formed.

Melaina Pope

My name is Melaina Pope and I am a 3rd year majoring in Statistics. Studying at the National University of Singapore has allowed me to become even more inspired to achieve my academic and career goals. The academic environment in Singapore was one that was very focused, and the social atmosphere was one of great understanding for many cultures. Not only have I gained valuable insight into what it is like to understand others from different cultures, I have also become more independent and open-minded, which are important qualities for an increasingly global marketplace.

Sophia Padilla

My name is Sophia Padilla, and I’m a fourth year majoring in Spanish. I studied abroad in Valencia for my entire second year, and it quickly became my home. Throughout the year I mastered the art of cooking authentic paella, I learned how to communicate well in Spanish, and I adopted the mentality of “No pasa nada.” One of my favorite memories was introducing my host sisters to funfetti cake mix and making a birthday cake for my host mom. I cherish these small moments that I was able to experience as a result of actually living in Spain.

Peyton Johnson

Hi my name is Peyton Johnson and I am a fourth year who studied abroad in Valencia, Spain spring semester of 2017. Part of the reason that I actually chose UVA was because the UVA in Valencia program specifically. I am studying Biology with a minor in Spanish and am on the pre-med track so for me studying abroad in Spain had a lot of benefits. Because Spanish is such a widely spoken language in the U.S. I wanted to improve my language abilities so that I will be able to better communicate with future patients. Further, because the U.S.

Tiffany Jenkins

My name is Tiffany Jenkins; I’m a fourth year double majoring in Spanish and Global Security in Justice! I participated in the UVA in Valencia program during the fall of 2015. As someone who had never been out of the country before, everything was new to me. If I decided not to go to Valencia, my world would have stayed so small. I was able to learn the intricacies of a new city and culture, better my Spanish, and make memories that will honestly last a lifetime.

Edgar Hoover

My name is Edgar Hoover and I studied abroad at the Technical University of Berlin in the Spring of 2016. As a mechanical engineering student with aspirations of driving technological innovation in the automotive industry, studying abroad in Germany provided invaluable insight into other teaching methods and approaches to engineering than I was previously accustomed to.

Alex Harden

My name is Alex Harden and I’m a fourth year studying Environmental Science. In July 2016, I began my experience abroad by attending an independent program called the Transatlantic Academy on Sustainability in both Bremen and Hamburg, Germany. Through this, I was introduced to a number of global sustainability initiatives, including Germany’s transition to renewable energies, while studying alongside German and American students. Following this, I travelled to Lampedusa, Italy, where I worked in a sea turtle research and rescue center.

Carmen Garcia

Hi, my name is Carmen Garcia and I'm a fourth year double majoring in Latin American Studies and Spanish Literature/Culture. My spring semester of 2017 I had the amazing and unique opportunity of studying at the University of Havana in Havana, Cuba with Spanish Studies Abroad. While in Cuba, I gained such a different perspective both politically and socially, and also fell hopelessly in love with this beautiful island.

Rachel Elder

My name is Rachel Elder and I am a 3rd year student studying Biomedical Engineering. Last summer I studied abroad in China through UVA in Shanghai. I became involved in Chinese for the first time at UVA my first year, but I can honestly say I learned more in my study abroad than in my entire two years of classes here at UVA. Initially on coming to UVA, I had no expectations of studying abroad or learning a foreign language.

Josh Bicer

My name is Josh Bicer and I'm a fourth year studying Economics and Government, with a minor in Spanish. I studied abroad twice last summer, the first half in Valencia, Spain, and the second half at Oxford University. I also worked as an intern for the US State Department at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany this past summer. Education abroad has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was introduced to new opportunities, people, and ideas that I never would have been exposed to before.


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