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Blaise Sevier

Societies around the world are woven together by a multitude of common threads. During my Education Abroad experience, I spun together a unique sequence of these threads in my surrounding community and returned with a new pattern of cultural understanding. My name is Blaise Sevier, and last fall I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan - a place I would never have imagined spending six months of my life.

Logan Petkosek

I spent the spring 2018 semester on Washington University in St. Louis' program in Chile. If I had not studied abroad I would have missed out on… getting to know the diversity of Chile. I would have missed out on camping in “La Patagonia” where I hiked for days on end and would eat the simplest meals (eg- just canned garbanzo beans) with the most striking view of the mountains. I wouldn’t have been able to call myself a temporary Santiago resident (“santiaguina”), where I became a regular at my local coffee shop and learned to battle for a spot on the overcrowded metro.

Saidi Moseley

Hi! My name is Saidi Moseley, and I am a third year studying Foreign Affairs and Sociology. In my second semester of my second year, I hopped on a plane and studied abroad in Havana, Cuba. Quite simply, study abroad was the best experience I’ve ever had at UVA, and it wasn’t even at UVA! Because of my 4-month immersion, I was able to experience life as a true Cuban: little to no Wi-Fi, afternoon talks with friends on our balcony in rocking chairs, speaking only Spanish, and playing street games, like Mar y tierra, with our neighborhood friends after dinner!

Michael Lin

Last spring semester I studied in Copenhagen with DIS. If I hadn’t participated in education abroad, I would have missed out on people. A loving and humorous host family wouldn’t be a part of my life right now. I wouldn’t have met a Danish professor who taught me, aside from academics, the importance of a community and culture, as well as being innovative and proactive. I wouldn’t have met fellow hostel-goers and strangers who would become friends -- travelers from Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

Devan Keesling

In summer 2017 I went on the UVA in Morocco program and that fall I spent the semester studying in Paris with IES. If I had not participated in education abroad, I would not be who I am today. Going abroad and living in a country not as a tourist gave me the opportunity to assimilate into a culture I never thought I would have been able to be a part of. In France, walking amongst local students and those on their way to work while I was heading to class gave me a sense of being a part of a world bigger than my own.

Hayden Jennewein

I participated in the UVA in Sweden program in summer 2017, and last spring I went on UVA in Valencia. While studying in Lund, Sweden, I had the opportunity to explore a new field, engineering, while pursuing an interest in sustainability. Working with systems engineering students and real Swedish organizations allowed me to develop a better understanding of systems thinking and its applicability in the real world. I also learned how to integrate sustainable solutions into an organization, which really opened my eyes to the world of sustainable business.

Susannah Gilmore

Last semester I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany through UVA Exchange, and also had the chance to intern at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin through the Department of State. While there, I got to take lots of interesting classes, experience a new culture, and learn from new perspectives. I also was able to travel with friends to other countries like Switzerland, France, and the Czech Republic.

Alex De Thier

My name is Alex De Thier and I'm a fourth year studying Economics and Media Studies. Last Spring I studied at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. I am so happy about my choice to do so, as I would have missed out on countless incredible experiences had I stayed in Charlottesville. I would have missed out on seeing ancient Roman ruins, scenic coastlines, Renaissance architecture, gorgeous lakes and countrysides. Milan's central location also allowed me to easily travel to other bucket-list places in Europe like Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, the Swiss Alps, Paris, and many others.

Leah Corbett

My name is Leah Corbett and I spent last spring at JF Oberlin University in Tokyo. As a Japanese Language and Literature major, studying in Japan has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. I was able to practice my Japanese skills and experience what it's like to attend a Japanese university. I made friends with other students and could practice my language skills with them (both spoken and through text message) as well as help them with their own English skills and answer other questions they had about English and America.


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