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Peyton Johnson

Hi my name is Peyton Johnson and I am a fourth year who studied abroad in Valencia, Spain spring semester of 2017. Part of the reason that I actually chose UVA was because the UVA in Valencia program specifically. I am studying Biology with a minor in Spanish and am on the pre-med track so for me studying abroad in Spain had a lot of benefits. Because Spanish is such a widely spoken language in the U.S. I wanted to improve my language abilities so that I will be able to better communicate with future patients. Further, because the U.S. is such a multicultural society, the cultural competency and literacy that you acquire while studying abroad is something that can’t be matched to the same degree remaining at home. For me, studying abroad in Valencia helped not only my language and communication abilities, but also it has taught me to interact with people of other cultures which will be important in my future career aspirations.