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Global Internships

Global Internships

Global Internships

What could you learn through an internship abroad?

UVA Global Internships serves as a resource to all UVA students interested in engaging in the world, at work. We are a unit within the Education Abroad division of the International Studies Office.

How Can I Pursue an Internship Abroad?

There are numerous pathways to an international internship, and it is important to consider them in light of your individual conditions, aims, and capabilities.


What is it like to do a global internship?

Kalea Obermeyer

Kalea Obermeyer - Lima, Peru

Working as a Global Intern was an extremely rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to work with such a revered organization, and to be directly involved in the process of creating a new student leadership program, was unprecedented. I’m so grateful to have worked for an organization that emphasizes the importance of student voice and empowers its staff to believe changing the education system #esposible. I hope to continue my connection with the work I started and people I met for many years to come.

Michael Hammaker

Michael Hammaker - Santiago, Chile

My experience in Santiago was truly rewarding because it allowed me to gain perspective on a myriad of topics. Learning about the fundamental beliefs, daily lives, cultural norms and shared aspirations of a people that exist in a society that is diametrically opposite from - yet inherently tied to - the US was mind-boggling, to say the least. The ideologies I submitted to, which formerly governed many of my attitudes on so many widely accepted tropes of US culture, were challenged at every turn by people I met, situations I encountered, and stories I heard. As a result, I came to question and revise many beliefs that I previously considered to be concrete, and in turn experienced what I consider to be personal growth.

What makes a global internship impactful?

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Personal Reflection and Critical Thinking

Develop self-understanding by dealing with challenges, interrogate what you thought you knew, and situate your individual experience within a global frame.

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Relationships and Exchange

Ask questions, listen, learn, and weave yourself into the social fabric of a new cultural environment.

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Constructive Engagement

Whether you are in an office, school, lab, or in the field, gain knowledge and skills by contributing to an organization's mission.

Affording an Internship Abroad

An internship abroad is likely to be an invaluable learning experience, but it will take resources (financial, time, energy, wits) to make it happen. Learn more about the feasibility of interning abroad and potential sources of financial support, including Global Internships's Summer Travel Grant.

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