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Congratulations on your decision to study abroad!

This will inevitably be one of the most exciting times in your life as a student. Study abroad is a time filled with learning, observing, practicing new skills, making new relationships, some adventure, and quiet moments of personal development. The Education Abroad Handbook is a resource to help you plan for your upcoming experience.

This guide should help you explore issues such as credit transfer, passport and visa applications, culture shock and encourage you to do some preparation for living in the area of the world in which you will be a guest. This handbook is not a substitute for your own research about your host country.

We challenge you to be good will ambassadors and actively participate in improving international relations whether in the classroom or on a train, in a restaurant or with new friends. Take every opportunity to open your mind to new experiences, customs and people. Remember that you are a guest in another country, thus the utmost respect and appreciation should be evident.