Have questions about UVA Global Internship programs? Read our AY 22-23 FAQs.

Have questions about UVA Global Internship programs? Read our AY 22-23 FAQs.

What kinds of internships are available?/ Do you have internships in [fill in the blank field]?

Each program is different in terms of the placements on offer.

  • In Buenos Aires, Dublin, and Paris, we work with placement organizations which will help you secure an internship according to your own interests and aims.
  • For the Morocco program, all students work with one NGO doing community development work.
  • For the Ghent program, students participate in education- and social science-related research internships at a local university.
  • And for the Virtual program, students apply to work with specific non-profits/social enterprises which are addressing diverse challenges in their local contexts. 
  • Students with diverse academic interests are represented on all of our programs—from Engineering to Global Studies to English to Architecture and on and on!

    How long are these programs?

Each program is a bit different.

  • The Buenos Aires, Dublin, Morocco, Paris, and Virtual programs are about 8 weeks.
  • The Ghent program is 6 weeks.

When do they take place?

All programs take place during the summer. Program dates are listed on each program brochure.

Can I just do the internship and not take the class?

No. We believe strongly in the value of connecting your personal experience of cross-cultural work to academic learning, so all programs have UVA courses attached to them. Each program’s courses are a bit different in scope and/or subject.

If you are interested in doing an internship abroad without receiving credit, there are hundreds of placement programs that you can choose to independently participate in, or you can look for your own international internship (much as you are free to look for internships in the US).

Would I travel alone or with a group of people on the UVA programs? Will others be from UVA?

You would travel and live with a group of UVA students. Depending on the program, there may be interns from other universities at your places of work.

How do you apply?/When do you apply?

You would apply via the Education Abroad portal, which you can access from each program brochure page.

Applications are due at different times in the Spring 2023 semester:

  • February 15: Buenos Aires, Dublin, Paris
  • March 1: Ghent, Morocco
  • April 1: Virtual

Do you need to speak the language of the internship location?

  • For Dublin, the local language is English and proficiency is required.
  • For Ghent, Morocco, and the Virtual programs, it is not necessary to show proficiency in the local language(s).
  • For the Buenos Aires and Paris programs, applicants will need to have taken at least one course at the 3000-level in Spanish or French (respectively) and/or be able to demonstrate intermediate proficiency.

Are these paid positions?

No, unfortunately not. These are academic programs however, which means that you will be gaining academic credit through the experience.

How much do the UVA programs cost?

There are different fees for each program. A budget is included in each program brochure.

Is financial support available?

There are Education Abroad scholarships available, including the Global Internship scholarship (which is up to $3,000). Indicate that you would like to be considered for the scholarship in your program application. 

Can I participate in one of these programs if I am graduating in May?

Yes, you can in the Buenos Aires, Ghent, Morocco, Paris, and Virtual programs. You would be re-enrolled in the program courses as a “visiting graduate student.”

Can graduate students participate?

No, these programs are designed for students at the undergraduate level.

How do I find an internship abroad on my own?

The Career Center’s counselors can provide some guidance on internship searches, and the Career Center also has several special resources devoted to global career searches. See the “On your own” section on our website for more suggestions.