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Pre-Departure Checklist

ISO/UVA Requirements

  • Completed my online post-acceptance requirements
  • Have a passport that is valid for 6 months after return (and visa if necessary)
  • Know what financial charges I can expect from UVA and my program provider or host institution (if applicable)
  • Made arrangements to pay the program bill
  • Set up direct deposit and set up someone in the U.S. (parent/guardian/etc.) as an authorized payer on my UVA Student Account if needed
  • Confirmed my registration and class enrollment for being abroad in SIS
  • Made all my travel arrangements and know the arrival details for my program
  • Read this entire Education Abroad Handbook

Documents, Communications, and Money

  • Made 3 copies of my passport, visa, insurance cards, and power of attorney; one copy is with my family, one copy is in my checked bag, one copy is in my carry on
  • Packed
  • Called my bank and credit card companies to inform them that I will be out of the country. (This will help prevent automatic fraud detection from blocking usage of your ATM/credit cards.)
  • Know how I will access money while abroad
  • Determined whether your cell phone works abroad should you choose to use it and what are the associated costs
  • Made a plan for communicating back home, e.g., frequency of calls/emails/Skype chats with family members back home so I can maximize my immersion while abroad
  • Started thinking about writing for the UVA Education Abroad blog:

Country-Specific Preparations

  • Went to my doctor for a “travel appointment”; you can see your “regular” doctor or go to the Elson Student Health Center
  • Planned for prescription and medical needs while abroad
  • Registered with the State Department
  • Have followed through on any program-specific action items as instructed by my UVA faculty director, program provider, or host institution
  • Know the time difference between my hometown and study site
  • Read about the history, economy, and culture of my host country
  • Am aware of my own cultural values and realize that people I meet may have different cultural values
  • Reviewed current events and feel comfortable discussing my perspective