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Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:28 -- cacs_admin

Hi! My name is Saidi Moseley, and I am a third year studying Foreign Affairs and Sociology. In my second semester of my second year, I hopped on a plane and studied abroad in Havana, Cuba. Quite simply, study abroad was the best experience I’ve ever had at UVA, and it wasn’t even at UVA! Because of my 4-month immersion, I was able to experience life as a true Cuban: little to no Wi-Fi, afternoon talks with friends on our balcony in rocking chairs, speaking only Spanish, and playing street games, like Mar y tierra, with our neighborhood friends after dinner! All of my classes were in Spanish and our host family only spoke Spanish, so it was a great way to develop a proficiency in the language. If I had not studied abroad, I would have missed out on the most genuine experience of my life. I would have not made such beautiful Cuban friends and family, re-developed a love for reading, nor would I have had the opportunity to adventure without Wi-Fi nor phones, but only our feet and gut instincts to direct us. Although I was confused and uncomfortable during many times, uncomfort brings growth, and I am so thankful for my study abroad experience that has helped me grow in many ways!

Saidi Moseley
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