Yohanis Kassa

Education Abroad Advisor & Program Manager

Please note: Yohanis's office is in a location not accessible to those with mobility impairments, however he is happy to meet in an accessible location when needed. Please contact Yohanis ahead of your meeting time to request an alternate and accessible meeting space.

Yohanis joined UVA’s education abroad team in February 2023 as an Advisor and Program Manager. Yohanis is a double Hoo, graduating from UVA with his B.A. in Biology in 2016 and M.T. in Secondary Science Education in 2017. Prior to joining the Education Abroad team at UVA, Yohanis taught Biology and Ecology at Albemarle County Public Schools. Yohanis is a native of Ethiopia and lived in Addis Ababa for 17 years before moving to the United States. Since his move, he has had travel experiences across North America, in the USA and Canada; Europe, in Norway, Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and England; and Asia, visiting Beijing, Xi’an, and Macau in China.