Health and Emergency Assistance Insurance

The University of Virginia Policy on Student International Travel requires students who travel outside the U.S. for University-related purposes to enroll in the UVA international health and emergency assistance insurance plan through CISI. The insurance plan covers health care costs incurred during international travel for university related purposes and provides emergency assistance, including medical evacuation, security evacuation, and repatriation of remains.

Student international travel for university related purposes includes: enrollment in a credit-bearing study abroad program; research or service abroad for which UVA has provided funding, which yields academic credit and/or which contributes to a student's academic progress; internships abroad organized by UVA; and travel tied to course work, research, or University related activities.

Students who participate in a UVA administered travel program, e.g., UVA in Valencia, a Darden Worldwide Course, or a McIntire GIE program, are automatically enrolled in the University’s international health and emergency assistance insurance plan through CISI.

Students who are not enrolled for international health and emergency assistance insurance through a UVA administered travel program will be prompted to self-enroll in the CISI insurance plan when completing the UVA Student Travel Registry or Education Abroad Application. The only exceptions to CISI enrollment for outside (non-UVA) programs are listed in the table below*.

The 2022-2023 cost for participants is $10.32/week up to 3 weeks, or $34.90/month during the current coverage period, effective through June 30, 2023.

Once enrolled, students should familiarize themselves both with the resources available to them through CISI and the instructions on how to use the insurance and overseas services.  ISO recommends that you download the CISI phone app and carry a paper copy of your insurance card with you.

Trip Insurance

The ISO recommends that travelers consider trip insurance that can be tapped in the event that travel to or from the education abroad destination is interrupted or in the event that cancellation or a change in itinerary is required.

*NOTE: Participants in 2022-2023 study abroad programs offered by the following providers are exempt from purchasing UVA's CISI insurance policy. Eligible participants are responsible for submitting the program's insurance policy information in their post-acceptance questionnaire (this information may need to be requested from the provider in advance of when they normally issue it to their program participants in order to meet UVA deadlines).

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