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How to Apply

The University has suspended travel for University-related purposes through January Term 2021 (see our homepage notice). A decision regarding Spring 2021 programs and international travel will be announced by November 30, 2020.

Students interested in studying abroad in later terms are encouraged to prepare for both a term abroad as planned, and the possibility that the suspension may be extended instead. This includes course planning, housing arrangements, and delaying the payment of non-refundable costs for expenses like airfare if possible. 

All students should read the Withdrawal & Refund Policy. Students on outside programs or making independent arrangements for housing, etc. should understand the corresponding policies of their program or service provider. Students with questions, please contact your Education Abroad Advisor.

The International Studies Office is currently working remotely; students applying to study abroad will need to adjust how they complete and submit certain requirements: 

UVA students applying to transfer credit programs: Fill in the Transfer Credit Form electronically, and conduct conversations with faculty and administrators who need to sign your Form via email. Make sure the person or email address identified on your School's Transfer Credit Approval Form has copies of all correspondence. Completed Transfer Credit Forms (and any supporting correspondence) can be submitted via email to your Education Abroad Advisor.

All students: Please also consult your Advisor if your application has additional requirements that must be submitted as hard copies and you cannot email them. Do NOT email passport copies, or documents with other personally identifying information. 

Fee waiver forms that have been signed by the student and SFS can be emailed to

Notes for All Students

  • Applications must be completed and submitted by the appropriate deadline to be considered for admission. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Deadlines vary by program and are posted on the program brochure pages on our website.
  • Pre-departure preparation materials and additional information will be available to students after they are admitted to the program.
  • Applying early is highly encouraged!

UVA Students

1. Education Abroad Workshop

For your convenience, an introduction to pertinent pre-advising information, resources, and tools is provided in the Education Abroad Workshop. The workshop is a 30-minute, moderated presentation; please turn on the sound on your computer.

2. Post-Workshop Quiz

After you watch the Education Abroad Workshop, you must pass the brief quiz at the end of the presentation in order to open an application.

3. Apply

We recommend viewing our Application Tutorial page before starting an application. You may also refer back to the Education Abroad Workshop. Check out the Eligibility page as well, for basic criteria.

Exchanges: Applying to a UVA exchange involves two steps. You must first complete and submit the UVA application for your chosen exchange university. Upon review, UVA will nominate a select number of applicants. Nominated students will then receive instructions for submitting the exchange partner application.

Outside and Partner Programs: Applying to an outside program through a third-party provider (such as IES, CIEE, Arcadia, etc.), or a UVA partner program (such as UVA in Italy: Siena), requires both an application to UVA for approval to participate in education abroad and an application through the provider for acceptance to the program. These two applications can often be carried out concurrently, but pay close attention to both deadlines.

Unapproved Programs: After reviewing the UVA-approved programs on this site, if you find a program elsewhere that meets your needs but is not on the approved list, you may submit a Petition application. Review of petition applications is two-fold. First, the student is reviewed for eligibility and approval to participate in education abroad. Second, the program criteria (academics, housing, on-site support, etc.) are reviewed for one-off approval. Search for "petition" in the Program Search to locate the appropriate application for your destination. As with an outside/provider program, you must also apply through the provider for acceptance.

Non-UVA Students

We recommend that you review the Application Tutorial page before starting an application.

While applications must be submitted online, portions of the application require submission of hard copy materials, including the following:

  • Official transcript
  • Application for VA In-state Educational Privileges
  • Non-UVA Student Approval of Participation

Instructions for accessing required forms can be found within the online application. Please mail these materials early to ensure that they arrive prior to the application deadline.