Scholarships and other sources of funding are available to supplement your existing financial resources. Scholarship application deadlines do not necessarily correspond with program application deadlines. In fact, scholarship applications are often due earlier. Start researching early!

Students who receive scholarships and wish to transfer credit from their time abroad must apply for approval to participate in an education abroad program (get started with the Education Abroad Workshop). Students who receive scholarships and are not earning credit or planning to transfer credit from their time abroad still need to register their travel if they receive University funding, work with University offices to secure outside scholarships, or if their travel otherwise falls under the definition of travel for University-related purposes per the University Policy on Student International Travel. Not sure about what you need to do? Contact us.

ISO-Administered Scholarships

The ISO administers around a dozen different education abroad awards, many of which you can apply for via one "common app" Education Abroad Scholarship Application. With the common app, UVA students submit one application and are considered for all of the participating awards for which they are qualified. In 2018-2019, over $250,000 was awarded to UVA students through ISO-Administered scholarships. Applications are typically due February 15 for Summer, Fall Semester, and Academic Year, and October 15 for Spring Semester.

Click here for a list of ISO-Administered Scholarships.

CIEE Membership Student Grant
CIEE aims to support education abroad participation by offering grant funds to students enrolled at CIEE Academic Consortium Member institutions. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details.

Dee Family Global Scholarship 
The Dee Family Global Scholarship was created to support UVA student participation in innovative student learning through study or research abroad that demonstrates well-constructed plans, partnership with the local community, and the potential for continued inquiry. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Ellen Bayard Weedon Travel Grant
The East Asia Center aims to support students pursing language and cultural study in East Asia. The grant is primarily for study abroad that includes study of the local language. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Founders Travel Grant
The East Asia Center aims to support students pursing language and cultural study in East Asia The grant is primarily for study abroad that includes study of the local language. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

ISO Scholarship
The International Studies Office wishes to support undergraduate students who demonstrate the interest and inclination to become global citizens. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

IWL Study Abroad Scholarship - Not available in 2022
The Institute of World Languages (IWL) aims to support undergraduate students who have demonstrated a sincere devotion to their language education, as well as a deeper interest in, and commitment to the learning of any world language taught at the University of Virginia. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Lyon Program Scholarship
The Lyon Program Scholarship supports students participating in UVA in Lyon and UVA Exchange: University of Lyon 2, including the CIEF program. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Nelson Scholars Program
Thanks to the generosity of Sally and Bruce Nelson, the Nelson Scholars Program is able to support students pursing language and cultural study in Southeast Asia (comprised of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, East Timor, and Brunei). Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Robert Denommé Study Abroad Scholarship
The French Department aims to support undergraduate students studying in Francophone countries for a summer, semester or year. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Sue and Lee Piepho International Scholarship
The Sue and Lee Piepho Scholarship supports undergraduate student participation in education abroad. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Wyatt Family Summer Scholarships for Spanish Majors
The Wyatt Family Summer Scholarships for Spanish Majors is intended to encourage students to have a total immersion experience immediately after declaring their major—normally rising second or third years—so they can improve their language skills early on and come back better prepared to complete their upper level courses for the major here on Grounds. Additional eligibility requirements apply, click the link for full details. 

Oxford Program Scholarship
All students who complete an application for the UVA in Oxford program will be considered for a scholarship based on need, as determined by Student Financial Services. Students indicate an interest in this scholarship in their program application, click the link for full details. 

UVA Global Internships Scholarship
Thanks to the generous support of the Vice-Provost for Global Affairs and under the aegis of the International Studies Office, UVA Global Internships is committed to supporting undergraduate students who participate in UVA's international internship programs. Students indicate an interest in this scholarship in their program application, click the link for full details. 

IWL Research Abroad Award - Not available in 2022
The Institute of World Languages (IWL) aims to support undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in the acquisition of any world language and culture, as well as great scholarly promise and potential to carry out a research project abroad. This scholarship requires a separate application, click the link for full details. 

University and Department-Administered Scholarships

In addition to awards administered through the ISO, other schools, departments, and units within the University offer their own funding for education abroad. Additionally, foundations such as the Alumni Association administer various awards. Click each link for a description of the award, or to be connected via email to someone who can tell you more about what is available.

Click here for a list of University and Department-Administered Scholarships.

2022 Center for Global Health Equity University Scholar Award
The Center for Global Health Equity Scholar program supports global health research with diverse faculty who represent multiple disciplines and collaborative engagements. 

Community-Based Research Grant
Community Based Undergraduate Research Grants provide the opportunity for pairs or teams of students to develop research projects that apply their academic skills, experiences, ideas, and humility to community-based issues.

Daniel S. Kim Memorial Award 
This scholarship is to assist with tuition costs for the UVA in London summer program and will benefit a current UVA student who shares Danny’s love of learning and spirit of adventure. Students accepted to the program will be invited to apply. 

Deborah J. Kane Scholarship 
Humanities or social sciences major. Student travelling overseas to pursue an educational experience. Preference to “untraveled” students wishing to study in Mexico, Central America or South America. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.400.

Francis Lazenby Travelling Fellowship 
Awarded each year to one Classics major for study abroad either during the academic year or the summer.

Gilbert J Sullivan Award 
The scholarship intends to provide an opportunity for students to take a summer internship otherwise unattainable because of financial constraints. Priority will be given to applicants with a demonstrated financial need.

Global Internships Summer Travel Grant 
Established by the Vice-Provost of Global Affairs to support the work of any student at the University of Virginia who has secured an internship in a “global” setting. 

Harrison Undergraduate Research Award 
The Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards fund up to forty outstanding undergraduate research projects each year.

IRC Travel & Learn Grant Program 
The goal of this travel & learn award is to strengthen the international character and interactions of IRC student members while ensuring a strong focus on academics.  The award specifically provides $500-1000 travel expenses for qualified study abroad expenses during the January Term, Spring Break or Summer Session.

Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship 
This scholarship is designed to encourage rising 4th year students in the College of Arts & Sciences to participate in summer internships. 

Leslie Anne Baltz Fellowship
For students in the Department of Art.

Monaghan Scholarship
The Monaghan Scholarship provides funding for travel to East Asia for students pursuing the study of an East Asian language. Upon completion of the study abroad program, recipients of the scholarship are required to send a thank you letter to the donor.

Murphy Fund for International Study 
Students traveling abroad to conduct research or present papers at scholarly conferences. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.400. Outstanding academic achievement.

Parents Fund & Sustainability Internship Grants 
Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants (PFIG) are awarded in the spring of each academic year and are intended to provide funds that support students who have secured unpaid public service internships. 

Prentiss Global Scholarship 
Currently receiving need-based aid through Student Financial Services. Outstanding academic achievement. For students studying abroad in the upcoming year only.

Ricky Keller Study Abroad Scholarship 
The Keller Study Abroad Scholarship is open to all Black UVA students who qualify. Scholars are eligible to receive a one-time grant to supplement an approved study abroad experience during a semester or summer.

Royster-Lawton Fellowship 
The Royster-Lawton Fellowship wants to help fund your summer internship with the venture of your choice. Internships can be with a for-profit or non-profit, the only requirement is that the organization emphasizes a commitment to purpose. 

School of Architecture Study Abroad Financial Aid Award 
There are sources of need-based financial aid open only to students majoring within a discipline in the School of Architecture (Architecture, Architectural History, Landscape Architecture, and Urban + Environmental Planning) who are applying to any of the School of Architecture’s international study abroad programs. 

School of Nursing International Scholarship
Thanks to the generosity of the School of Nursing Annual Fund and donors to the School of Nursing Endowment for International Initiatives, School of Nursing students can apply for resources to help defray some of the costs of international academic and exchange programs.

Serpentine Society Internship and Study Abroad Grant
The Serpentine Society provides internship and study abroad grants to highly-motivated LGBTQ+ students with financial need who have been offered an unpaid internship or study abroad program.


Program-Administered Scholarships

Students participating on outside programs often have funding or financial support available to them through their program provider. This can include scholarships, public university grants, Pell grant matching, up-front flight funding, and more. Click the link of the provider whose program(s) you are applying to for details about their scholarship and other financial support opportunities. Don't see your program provider on the list? Go directly to their website to see what they have available for students.

There's a wealth of scholarships available for education abroad beyond what is available through UVA or your program. Check out the awards below for a sample of some of the most well-known. Eligibility can vary based on intended location or field of study, financial need, or background. Not seeing something that could work for you? Check out Additional Funding below.

Click here for a list of National and International Scholarships. 

Highlighted National & International Scholarships

Boren Awards
The Boren Scholarship & Fellowship provides funding for study abroad in less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to US interests and underrepresented in study abroad (i.e. not Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or countries in Western Europe). The Boren provides up to $24,000 for a study abroad program that is 12 weeks to one year long. Up to $30,000 may be awarded if there is supplementary domestic language study involved. Scholars and Fellows must commit to work for the federal government for at least one year after graduating. Contact Lisa Grimes, UVA Boren Awards Campus Representative. Deadlines are typically in January.

The Fund for Education Abroad
By completing one FEA application, applicants are considered for dozens of different scholarships, including FEA General Scholarships, Named & Dedicated Scholarships, and Access Partner Scholarships. All eligible students are encouraged to apply; applicants to FEA's Access Partner programs will be considered for Access Partner awards. FEA's Access Partners include CET, DIS, the American University in Cairo, FIE, IFSA, the School for Field Studies, SIT, the University of Auckland, and USAC. Deadlines are in January and September each year.

Gilman International Scholarship
Gilman offers scholarships of up to $5,000 to U.S. undergraduate students who are eligible for a Pell Grant and are participating in credit-bearing programs abroad or virtual international programs. Students studying critical need languages may be eligible to receive an additional award of up to $3,000. Gilman has deadlines in March and October each year.

Gilman-McCain Scholarship
The Gilman-McCain Scholarship provides awards of $5,000 for child dependents of active duty service members who receive any type of Title IV federal financial aid to study or intern abroad on credit-bearing programs. The Gilman-McCain scholarship deadline is in March.

Other National & International Scholarships

Search for Additional Funding

Students are encouraged to search for other funding resources; a few suggestions are linked below.

What about January Term?

Scholarship options are often limited for short-term programs like January Term. However, UVA students participating in UVA January Term study abroad programs will automatically be reviewed for eligibility a January Term Need-Based Grant, in addition to loans. Grant eligibility is based on financial need and is not guaranteed, even if a student receives grant funding during the semester. Grants may be up to the billable subtotal of a UVA January Term study abroad program.