Academics & Career

Academics & Career


Students on Direct Credit programs should check SIS for their grades upon completion of the program. Make sure that you understand how the courses will be counted towards your UVA degree!

If you participated in a Transfer Credit program, ensure that you have ordered an official transcript to be sent to your School Registrar or Transfer Credit Evaluator. Note:

  • How quickly your transcript is issued to UVA depends on a number of factors, but expect that it will take at least a month or two after your program ends. Contact your program provider or host institution to understand their processing timeframe, and make sure that you don't have any financial holds with your program as that can delay the process.
  • Once a transcript is received, the credits you earned will be listed on your transcript as "credit received" in accordance with your transfer credit approvals. Your transcript must match your transfer credit approval form (and any subsequent email correspondence) for your credit to be processed. Credits will not factor into your UVA GPA.
  • Order additional transcripts for your own use (applications to graduate school, to jobs, etc. may require transcripts from your foreign institution or program). Keep these transcripts sealed in their original envelopes as many schools will only consider transcripts official if they have not been opened.


Trying to figure out how to incorporate your experience abroad into your résumé, or how to talk about it to potential employers? Consult these resources to start:

Studying Abroad During a Global Pandemic: Define Your Experience for Employers: This resource by the University of Minnesota helps students to identify skills they gained while preparing for a study abroad experience. This resource may be particularly helpful for those who studied abroad or prepared to study abroad in Spring 2020 and Fall 2021.