Non-UVA Students

Non-UVA Students

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We are delighted to open some of our best programs to students from other institutions – in the United States and abroad. The Academical Village at the heart of the University of Virginia is based on Thomas Jefferson’s ideal that learning takes place not only in the classroom but also in daily life through faculty and student interaction. Today, UVA education abroad programs strive to create global academical villages in host communities around the world, with learning environments that extend beyond the classroom to bring together students, faculty and community hosts.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to a UVA education abroad program, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have the minimum GPA required to participate in a given program. Please refer to the program brochure for the specific GPA requirements.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing at your home institution. This will be verified as part of the application process (see the Non-UVA Student Approval Form).
  • Have a passport that is valid at least six months after your return to the US after the program.

Preparation at Your Home Institution

  • Consult with the appropriate academic and education abroad advisors at your home institution to learn more about your institution's education abroad policies and procedures.
  • Research your institution's transfer of credit policy and complete all necessary steps to successfully transfer the credits you earn from the UVA education abroad program.
  • Compare the dates of your potential education abroad program with your home institution's academic calendar to avoid any conflicts.
  • Contact your UVA Education Abroad Advisor and/or program director for information and guidance.

Searching for and Applying to a Program

Not all UVA programs are open to students outside of the University. To find a program, click Programs on the grey menu bar towards the top of the page. Then, click Search Programs. Use the Advanced Search to find programs using various parameters. Scroll down for additional search parameters, including subject areas. Look for the "Open to Non-UVA Students" parameter and select Yes. This will limit your search to only those programs for which you can apply. You can verify whether a program is open to non-UVA students by looking on the Fact Sheet on the program brochure page for your program of interest.

For more information about searching for a program, and guidance on completing an application as a non-UVA student, refer to the How to Apply page and the UVA Education Abroad Application Tutorial. All materials need to be received by the application deadline.

Student Status at UVA

Students accepted to a UVA education abroad program are admitted to the University of Virginia as non-degree (visiting) students for the duration of their program(s) abroad. Admission to a UVA Education Abroad program does not constitute admission to the University, nor does it allow students to register for any courses beyond the one(s) offered by the program.

Credits and Transcripts

All UVA education abroad programs are credit bearing. An official transcript will be issued upon completion of the program and mailed to the address specified on your Non-UVA Student Approval of Participation Form (a copy of this form is available in your online application and on our Forms & Policies page).

Depending on the program you attend, the transcript may be issued by UVA or by our partner institution overseas. If you participate in a UVA direct credit program, you will receive a UVA transcript. If you participate in a transfer credit program, you will receive a transcript from the partner institution. You can determine what type of credit a program offers by accessing that program's online brochure and reviewing the Facts Sheet section at the top of the page.

Program Terms and Transcript Distribution Timeline

It typically takes two months after the program has been completed to process and mail the transcripts. Students with outstanding bills will NOT receive a transcript.

  • Fall: February–April
  • Spring: June–July
  • Year: July–August
  • Summer: September–October

The first official transcript is provided at no additional cost to you. Additional transcripts are available upon request:

  • For direct credit programs - through the University of Virginia Registrar's website.
  • For transfer credit programs - directly from the host institution (may include an additional fee).
  • UVA can offer guidance but does not request additional transcripts on the student's behalf. If you have questions, please contact us.
  • Please note that it may take several weeks to receive a transcript from an overseas institution; allow plenty of time and plan accordingly.

Transferring Credit to Home Institution

Transfer of credits from a UVA education abroad program to your degree program is determined by your home institution; therefore, it is important that you understand your home institution's credit transfer policy prior to enrolling in an education abroad program.