Fees, Billing, and Payments

Fees, Billing, and Payments

Your chosen program, and your status as a UVA or non-UVA student, will determine the fees assessed to you by UVA. This page only refers to fees charged by UVA. You are responsible for identifying any fees, and their payment processes and due dates, that you incur from your program provider or host institution (if applicable).

UVA Fees

  • Application Fee: $90 required for each UVA Education Abroad Application (paid in the application). Pell Grant recipients: submit the fee waiver form (see the application for instructions and a link to the form) in lieu of the fee.
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $500 per term required for students participating in an Outside program (billed in SIS).
  • Program Fees: specific to each individual program. For UVA programs, consult the program brochure and attached budget sheet (billed in SIS for UVA programs and exchanges unless noted on the program brochure).


All students, regardless of program type, are required to commit to their program in their UVA Education Abroad Application (UVA programs have a specific deadline listed on the program page). Committing to a UVA program is a financial commitment! Students who commit and then withdraw are subject to the UVA Education Abroad Withdrawal, Cancellation, and Refund Policy.

UVA Billing & Payment

All Programs: The application fee may be paid online through the application, in-person, or by mail. Applications are not considered complete or reviewed for acceptance unless the fee is received prior to the application deadline. All other UVA charges are billed through the Student Account in the University of Virginia’s Student Information System (SIS). SIS accepts online payments by credit card or e-check. Depending on your travel plans and when your bills are due, consider authorizing someone else (parent, guardian, other) to pay on your behalf by establishing an authorized payer to your student account.

UVA Programs: In most cases, course enrollment, grades, program costs, and payments will be recorded in SIS*. Refer to your program's budget sheet for specific costs. For programs billed by UVA, billable tuition and fees (including program fees, housing, and airfare if applicable) are due 30 days prior to the program start date.

Outside Programs: The study abroad administrative fee will be charged after you are registered for Education Abroad in SIS. Registration occurs in April for Summer and Fall/Year students, and in November for Spring students.

Exchange Programs: You will be billed UVA tuition and mandatory fees following the regular schedule. See the Student Financial Services website for more information.

Using Financial Aid & Scholarships

UVA Students: Review Student Financial Services information to understand how financial aid is applied in SIS, and how to report non-UVA scholarships. You are responsible for paying any balances not covered through financial aid or scholarships by the due date. For students on Outside programs, check with your program provider to see if they require advance documentation of the aid you will receive.

Non-UVA Students: University of Virginia financial aid is available only to UVA students. If you are receiving financial aid at your home institution (federal loans, scholarships, etc.), you must consult with your school's Financial Aid and/or Education Abroad Office to determine how the aid can be used to cover the UVA program costs. Scholarships are available for select programs.

Using Pre-Paid Plans

Pre-paid education tuition plan accounts, such as Virginia529, may be used for education abroad, but limitations do exist. Contact the account administrator when researching program options to confirm what funds can be used and how. Make sure you understand the various types of programs and their billing processes.

* Non-UVA students: After you have committed to attending a program, you will be emailed instructions regarding how to access SIS and your Student Account. Do NOT delete this email.

Using Payment Plans

Enrollment in a payment plan is possible for students whose tuition and program fees are billed by UVA. See Student Financial Services for more information.