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About Education Abroad

Education Abroad plays an important role in advancing the University of Virginia’s pedagogic mission, enriching students both academically and personally, and is crucial in preparing students for the challenges of the global world. This unique learning experience combines intellectual pursuits with firsthand exposure to different peoples and their cultural traditions. It provides students with an opportunity to gain an international perspective on their chosen academic field or career path and to learn and practice important life skills — critical thinking, independence, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and the ability to interact and communicate across differences. The University expects that upon studying abroad students will apply their knowledge to create a global frame of reference in their response to situations and events, actively seek out opportunities for engagement and demonstrate understanding of themselves and their ability to cope and adapt.  Education Abroad is one of UVA’s many proud traditions!

Education Abroad is part of the International Studies Office, a division of UVA Global. The ISO also includes the International Students & Scholars Program and the Lorna Sundberg International Center, as well as the Peace Corps Prep program.

Education Abroad Staff

  • guide and advise students and faculty on education abroad
  • provide information about study abroad opportunities, promote cross-cultural awareness, and prepare students for their time abroad (including topics such as health and safety, and academic considerations)
  • facilitate and ensure access to education abroad for students from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups
  • collaborate with University leaders, faculty, staff, and others to increase student participation in education abroad
  • collaborate with faculty and administrators to develop study abroad programs

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Operational Standards

The operations of the ISO are informed by the University’s Statement of Purpose and Code of Ethics and core values of honor and ethics, faculty excellence, innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of knowledge, and leadership for the public good and education for freedom.

The ISO endorses the Statements of Ethics, Professional Competencies and Principles for Programs and Services developed by NAFSA: Association of International Educators and the Standards of Good Practice adopted by the Forum on Education Abroad, and is a member of Diversity Abroad.