Financial Aid

Financial Aid

At UVA, most institutional and federal financial aid in the form of loans, grants, and scholarships are portable when studying abroad. Refer to Planning and Budgeting, the Financial Aid Availability chart, and the information below.


To be eligible to use your financial aid abroad, you must:

  • Submit the requirements (and additional documentation, if applicable) listed below
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards
  • Maintain full time enrollment*
  • Graduate students only: coursework taken abroad must count towards your degree


In order to use your aid for education abroad, you must submit all requirements and additional documentation. Consult the Student Financial Services (SFS) website for more information:

  • Have an appropriate* Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with SFS
  • In SIS, complete everything in your To-Do list and resolve any holds
  • Answer "Yes" to the Financial Aid for Education Abroad questionnaire in your UVA Education Abroad Application (Exchange, Outside, and Partner programs only)

Additional Documentation

Students applying to Exchange and Outside programs also need to submit the following to SFS:

Review Process

SFS will adjust your cost of attendance based on the budget of your education abroad program.** If your costs are higher abroad, SFS will review your eligibility for need-based education abroad grants and additional loans. If your costs are lower abroad, your aid will be adjusted by first reducing loans and then grants.

Award Notification

Once your cost and aid eligibility have been reviewed, your revised award will be viewable in SIS. You will also receive an email notification.

Students who complete all of the relevant requirements listed above by the program application deadline ideally receive notification regarding their award before the program commitment deadline. However, be prepared to commit by that deadline even if you haven't yet received your revised award notification. See the Commitment section of the Fees, Billing, and Payments page

Additional Resources

If you need to consider additional funding options, note the following:


For semester/year students, financial aid funds will disburse to your student account no earlier than 10 days prior to the start date for your program, and no earlier than 10 days prior to the beginning of each UVA term. Disbursement dates are different for summer. Visit Getting Your Money and How to Use Financial Aid to Pay for Your Program for detailed information. Students studying abroad who receive any form of financial aid or scholarship through UVA should consider setting up Direct Deposit to receive funds (a U.S. bank account is required).

For students on Outside programs, check with your program provider to see if they require advance documentation of the aid you will receive. For students on Outside and Exchange programs, don't forget to submit a Consortium Agreement to SFS (if they do not already an agreement on file).


Visit the Student Financial Services website for more details and SFS contact information.

*Summer students: Full time enrollment is 6 credits for undergraduate students and 3 credits for graduate students. Enrollment may be a combination of education abroad and on-Grounds credits. FAFSA for undergraduate students must be filed for the preceding academic year (e.g. summer 2016 is part of 2015-2016). FAFSA for graduate students must be filed for the upcoming academic year (e.g. summer 2016 is part of 2016-2017).

** January Term students applying to more than one program will have their aid eligibility reviewed based on the higher-cost program. Awards will be adjusted for students who then chose to participate in the lower-cost program.