Post Workshop Checklist

Post Workshop Checklist

Once you have viewed the Education Abroad Workshop, we encourage you to use the resources and tools below to plan for your own experience abroad. Use this list to keep track of what to do next, and when. Remember that you can always refer back to the information in the Workshop.

Plan Ahead!

  • Verify your eligibility to study abroad.
  • Define your goals for participating in Education Abroad by assessing your academic and personal needs.
  • Explore education abroad in your major or minor by using the Major Advising Sheets
  • Discuss plans with your Academic Advisor; confirm your university and departmental requirements, and learn how to integrate the credits you will earn abroad.
  • Research program(s) to fit your needs and goals and save them to your Profile.
  • Use the Returnee Contact List to talk to a returned student who studied in the regions or with the programs you're considering.
  • Plan your finances: Compare costs, confirm resources and look into additional funding.
  • Identify application deadlines for program(s) and scholarships. (They might be different!)
  • Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor if required and/or desired. Schedule your appointment online (instructions in the workshop). (Note: you do not have to meet with an advisor before opening an application.)
  • Apply for or renew your passport (if your current passport expires less than 6 months after your return). Do you need a visa? 
    • US passport processing can take a few months, once your application is received at a passport agency or center. If you are a US citizen interested in participating in education abroad, apply for your passport now. See the State Department for details and to apply.
    • Many countries require a visa. A visa is typically placed inside the passport and allows the traveler to enter a country for a specific purpose (eg. study, tourism). Consult your program details for more information about visas. 
  • International students - meet with an International Student Advisor. Do you need a visa for your intended host country?
  • Investigate health and emergency insurance requirements. Talk to your doctor about managing any pre-existing conditions (including prescription medications) while abroad. If you require special accommodations, please disclose early!

Apply Early!

  • Submit the appropriate application(s):
    • UVA Education Abroad Application (all programs; find your program, then click the “Apply Now” button on the program page)
    • Outside Program provider or Exchange partner (if applicable)
    • Scholarships (if applicable)
  • If applicable, secure approval for transfer credit early. The faculty and administrators that you need to contact might not be available on the deadline day. See your application requirement for details.
  • Taking your financial aid abroad? Find more information on our Financial Aid page.
  • Get accepted!
  • Commit to participating in the program!