University Travel Registry

University Travel Registry

The Policy on Student International Travel supports the health, safety, and security of UVA students who engage in University-related activities abroad. It applies to all students and describes requirements and responsibilities that must be met before departure from the US, including enrollment in the UVA international health and emergency assistance insurance plan through CISI. Students enrolled in an education abroad program satisfy these requirements through their program application. All other students should complete one of the following travel registrations.  If you are unsure of which registration to complete, please email

  • Hoos Abroad registration is appropriate for graduate student research, conference travel, training, practicums, and exchanges. Medical (GME) Residents, Medical Students, Law Exchange Students engaging in international travel for University-related purposes should register here.
  • Student Projects Abroad registration is appropriate for undergraduate international travel and graduate students receiving a University grant or award for research, projects, and internships.
  • Darden Travel Registration should be used by Darden students for Darden Exchanges, Darden Global Consulting Projects, Darden Client Projects, and other individual Darden student travel.

Travel Restrictions

The Policy on Student International Travel also limits how, when, and where University students may travel abroad for University-related purposes, taking into consideration issues of terrorism, war, disease, and other risks. The International Studies Office website provides information on current restrictions. Please read the information carefully to determine whether your destination is restricted, and if you have any questions, contact ISO at

Change of Plans

If your plans change after having begun the Registration and you will no longer participate in the international experience, please email to make sure the registration is withdrawn accordingly.